To turn your dreams into a real masterpiece, we provide custom design lighting services just for you.  Schedule a VIP consultation with our specialists to have your personal time set aside with whomever you choose.  Below is a checklist of what to bring with you when you are visiting our showroom.  This will help us deliver the best lighting options available for you!

  • Blue Prints or Plans  

    • Any drawings that you or your contractor might have will help us understand better the needs of your space.
  • Space Measurements

    • Most likely will be included in your blue prints, but it’s very important to include your ceiling height!
  • Furniture Layout  

    • This allows us to determine the height of the fixture you are looking for as well as any artwork you would like to highlight.
  • Color Palette and Design Theme

    • Color and finishes can change the look of the whole room, so make sure you looked at the faucet fixtures, door handles, wall colors, etc.
  • Photos of space

    • This gives our team a sense of lighting intensity and circumference needed to light the space you are looking for.
  • Photos from magazines of lighting and interior designs that you like  

    • This allows us to see your views on interior design and we can gather information on you.  This also allows us to see what theme(s) you like (ex. Traditional, contemporary, transitional, original).

  • Any inspiration that tickles your fancy!

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