10 Stunning Bathroom Remodels: Before and After

Whether you’re anticipating an upcoming bathroom remodel or simply brainstorming for a future day, this collection of bathroom remodels is sure to inspire! Below you’ll find bathrooms of all sizes, styles, and layouts. Some undergo a professional transformation while others are budget-friendly and DIY. Let the remodels begin!

1. Green to Pristine

This bathroom remodel cost under $100 dollars! This basement bathroom feels like new, thanks to some fresh paint, a plank wall, a quaint wire light fixture, and some homemade décor. Find more pictures of the project and how-to advice here.

2. Less Wall, More Light

These designers transformed a dingy bathroom by knocking down the wall between the toilet and vanity. The extra space lends itself to a well-lit, airy bathroom with a unique hanging globe, golden accents, and a clean wooden vanity.

3. Rethink the Pink

This too-pink tile was dated and dysfunctional– so a fresh remodel brings clean, white tile all the way up to the ceiling. Blue accents and a boxy bar light add some additional style to a totally new space! Check out how the homeowner’s daughter inserted some designs of her own in the process.

4. Wallpaper Power

Anything would have been an improvement in this unfinished space, but this homeowner went all out with a stylish vanity, bright patterned wallpaper, and two eye-catching sconces flanking the mirror. We love the bold look!

5. Chandelier and Atmosphere

In this professional makeover, an average bathroom becomes something totally new. Raised double sinks and framed mirrors add functionality and flair, and the chandelier compliments the luxurious walk-in shower for an atmosphere of glamour.

6. Bland Whites to Bold Blues

This DIYer was bored with an all-white bathroom and found a solution in this navy, hexagon tile floor. The new black and white vanity basks in light from stainless-steel sconces, and the greenery balances and freshens the space.

7. Minimize to Maximize

With little available space and a little too much teal, this small bathroom felt cramped and outdated. Minimizing the vanity and eliminating the old cabinet storage created some much-needed space. A light coat of paint does wonders here with some modern sconces, adding much-needed light to the bathroom.

8.  Eye-Popping Fixtures

This handy couple used a stunning black over-the-mirror fixture, along with a black curtain rod, to add a lovely sense of contrast in this bright, airy space. Décor and storage make all the difference here with wire baskets and floating shelves.

9. Wall Textures for the Win

These DIYers transformed their space by accenting their vanity and mirror with custom board and battens. The wall texture is incredibly refreshing, especially juxtaposed with bright towels and a dark, moody paint on the upper half of the wall.

10. Clean and Crisp

This walk through bathroom began with blaring floral wallpaper and insufficient light. A few budget-friendly fixes like painted walls, a repainted vanity and some updated décor transformed it into a very comfortable space.

Feeling inspired? We are! With a little planning and a lot of work, the perfect bathroom is always within reach.