The Top Trends of 2023 from Dallas

Illuminating Expressions at Dallas Lightovation 2023

Dallas Lightovation 2023 was a huge success and very productive for the staff at Illuminating Expressions. We were able to see, touch and feel the latest and greatest new introductions to the wonderful world of lighting and the top lighting trends. The 2023 introductions were impressive, amazing, and soon to be at Illuminating Expressions at 2020 W Ridge Rd, Rochester, New York. 

Lighting Trends of 2023 

We saw a lot of true alabaster glass in some very creative fixtures. We saw white chandeliers causing some commotion and picture lights being shown pretty much everywhere. If you need an LED mirror in your bathroom there are lots of choices, as each manufacturer is jumping on the bandwagon and coming out with some great lighted mirror options.  

Wall sconces are also being considered more and more in the bedrooms over night stands, especially the swing arm sconces with unique design and practicality. Bright colored metal pendants with a glossy finish popped up with a number of manufacturers, for adding a pop of color to your space.  

Lighting in general is still on trend as “larger is better”. Installing 2 large pendants over an island is trending more than 3 or 4 smaller pendants. Crystal is still very popular and being displayed on more modern looking pieces. As for finishes, black and brass are still stealing the show but a white finish is hot on the trail. The Lightovation show at Dallas helps all of us see what is coming down the pipeline as far as what designers are choosing and what is forthcoming in lighting fashion. 

What the Team Thought

Kelli, Kristin, and Joey of Illuminating Expressions, Rochester, NY in Dallas for Lightovation 2023
Kelli, Kristin, and Joey at Dallas Lightovation 2023

Kristin was the most excited about the organics hitting the scene. So many beautiful lights made from wicker, rattan, wood and many other natural products.  

Joey was all about the new lighting trends.  

Kelli, our newest lighting specialist, went to Dallas for the first time and found the experience to be enlightening, educational and eye opening.   

At Illuminating Expressions, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of lighting and keeping our customers ahead of the trend. Stick with us and you will see what the future brings in lighting design!  

We have to give a big thank you to Jim, Margaret and Chris for holding down the fort at home and running the showroom/commercial business while we were at Dallas scooping up the latest and greatest lighting looks to bring home and share with everyone. Come visit us at our showroom, new introductions to be displayed starting early February.  

We hope to see you soon!