Rochester Home and Garden Show is Coming Up

Hubbardton Forge Collection at Illuminating Expressions

The Rochester Home and Garden show is back in 2023 and we couldn’t be more excited. After the absence due to the pandemic and the restart last year, it made for some great conversation between vendors and guests to what they had missed, what they wished they saw, and what they were excited for next year.  

We’ll have the two fixtures featured in this post displayed this year at the show.

Hubbardton Forge Collection at Illuminating Expressions
Hubbardton Forge Collection will be on display.

What Makes this Event So Special? 

The guests are the number one reason. Their questions, ideas, and projects are the reason we do what we do. There’s never a lack of good ideas and we often times learn more about trends from the guests. It a good way to connect to new business or to point people in the right direction.  

Which leads us to the next best thing about the Rochester Home and Garden Show; so many experts under one roof. There’s hardly a time where this many experienced, knowledgeable and passionate individuals get packed into one spot, ready to answer questions and lend their expertise. It’s just as fun for us as it is for the guests of the show. It’s pretty amazing to have this group of people exchanging ideas and stories and we are definitely looking forward to it.  

Hubbardton Forge Collection at Illuminating Expressions
Hubbardton Forge Collection at Illuminating Expressions

It’s always a good time. We’ve been taking part in this event for years and every year is just plain fun. The atmosphere, the people, the wine! There’s literally something for everyone and there are a lot of smiles going around for those 2 days. The venue this year is the Rochester Riverside Convention Center and it’s a beautiful spot with a wonderful staff.  

We’re bringing with us everything we learned from Dallas Lightovation 2023. If you missed the highlights from that trip you can read them here.

Last, we have a little surprise this year. We don’t want to go ahead and give away all the details and give away the surprise, but we can say that you will “see things differently” after you stop by to see us.  

Here’s a link to some more information. 

We’ll see you there,  

Joey and the Illuminating Expressions Team